Dining Hall Textures and Atlas

Most of the textures for the walls of the dining hall, unfortunately some are unfinished or need slight tweaks to smooth tiling.

The color bases and UV maps are all configured, objects like the table and the chair have not been properly detailed yet. Everything will be textured in a hand-painted cartoony style, where many of the colors/shading will remain flat.

A niche that could exist in a hallway.

Example dining hall table.

Mock-up of the dining hall.

Modular Building Project – Tudor Exterior

I decided to take some renders both in Unity and in Maya, just because I wanted to see the difference between the texture quality and saturation.


House variations:




Most of my models have finished base textures, it’s just doing some more hand-painted detail for specific objects and some wall pieces (probably doors and that sort of thing).

All hand-painted textures are going to be in this type of style:


Will Gaddis Modular Building Models

My models are designed to create modular buildings for cities, and so I created various walls that can be mixed and matched. There are 2 main wall variants which will have different textures, and each wall variant has different types of windows and decor. I also designed pipes, storm drains, and other miscellaneous pieces that can go on any wall piece to add variation.

this is an example of a building i made with my kit


these are the reference photos and textures



and these are the sketches