Weapon Stuff

I intend to make a rapier/broadsword combo. The hilt and pommel will be rapier-esque, but the blade will be thicker than a normal rapier, more like a broadsword. My SD card reader isn’t working right now, so I’ll upload the inspiration photos from the museum later today, but here are some pictures I found online that are sort of what I’m talking about.

EDIT: I’ve added the pictures I took at the bottom.

The hilt will look kind of like the ones above with some of the ornamentation from the one below. The one below will be what the blade will look like.

A concept sketch of what I’m aiming for.

 Some progress pics on what I have so far. It’s just about done in Maya, but I’ll have to import it over to ZBrush to add some details.

Here are the pictures I took at WAM. The sword I want to make is a combo of the rapier second from the right and the sword directly in the middle.

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  1. I really like the detail so far. Like I said in class, maybe try to rework how you did the extra little piece that you extruded from the hilt. Super stretched polygons always mess something up! Otherwise my only other real comment is that maybe you could lengthen the blade a little bit; compared to the hilt, it seems kind of short. I like the shape a lot though 🙂

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