Though my game takes place indoors, there are two parts of the castle where the player is exposed to the landscape, so I wanted it to be something worth going outside to look at. On the round circular mounds there are going to be houses to make it kingdom-ish.

Progress Update

Hello! So far I’ve added various texture maps to the objects in my atlas. This week I will begin populating my castle.

Meow Mace

This mace is the queen’s personal mace for hunting down those pesky mice, once and for all.



Spiky Weapon Thingy

I have chosen to model this thingy, which I have no idea the name of.


Here’s my model of it.

I’ll be adding more detail using bump maps of abstract flowy designs I’m going to draw.

Here’s my pictures and sketches

Modular Building Project: Updated

Hello! Thanks everyone for your feedback! Below are a few screenshots from the updated version of my atlas.  I have beveled every bookshelf, relaid out the UVs for the tall bookshelves so the graining matches the smaller ones, modeled different books to put on the bookshelves, beveled the edges of the desks, bent one of the benches, and created a lamp as well as a carpet.  I have done all of this and added moulding, based off of the feedback I got.  The scene seems a lot less sterile now.  For the introduction of another asset, I have put one of Casper’s beds in the office space and turned it into a bedroom.



Misc. Hallway Things

I was assigned the various hallways and the things that inhabit them. Below I’ve created bits of furniture and pieces that can fit in a hallway or various rooms.



Example Hallway

Example Room


Higgins Pictures

10 Textures