Final Level

I want to start off that my light baking turned out weird.   Everything just turned green and this process took 5 hours and 34 minutes so I so I actually restored a previous version before the bake for the WebGL.

Baking Error:


There are 3 animations that you can interact with: 2 mice and the bookcase

There are also 3 NPC mouse animations scattered throughout the level.
Tip: you can jump onto the stool or bucket to see the environment outside.
-Mouse model provided by Prof. Rosenstock.
-decor Bookcases, purple chairs, and desk provided by Isaiah Cochran.
-Music from my roommate John Frigo.
-Fire and Weapon sound effects from


Walk cycle

idle 1- mainly for 3rd person mouse

idle 2- could be for main mouse or npc

I still have more animations to do: interaction with weapon and objects.

Little Lighting

I didn’t have much time as I would have liked this weekend to work on my level. I created the hall and started planning another room. I also worked on some textures like the floor and blank walls. I still need to do Normal/smoothness mapping for them. I also need to make a roof for my hall.

upcoming work: textures, fireplace lighting, roof

Terrain+Room Objects

My game is mostly indoors so I just made a terrain that will be seen from the windows. I plan for my room to be on the hilly open grassy area. I want to be able to see the trees and the lake from the windows.

I started modelling some extra clutter to be in my room. I used references from the medieval site.


I tried to implement everyones ideas into my mace. I added beveling to the blades to make it look more interesting and then also added a ring to separate the head from the shaft. I also made the handle longer and beveled the bottom so it wasn’t as flat.

I still need to work on getting textures for it. I also plan on doing something with the normal maps to etch some details into the head.

For my modular pieces, I started fixing some of the textures and also added horizontal beams to make it more cohesive.

I also started playing with normal mapping to make the wall plaster stick out more. I did have some trouble with the smoothness maps, it was making my wood shiny even when I tried making it in both black and white. Hopefully I can resolve this later this week.

Some things I need to do: model smaller objects around the room, fix textures on modular pieces + normal map, find textures for weapon.

Object Model: Mace

I also chose the same object as Isaiah. The mace really stood out to me.



Here is my attempt

I also really liked this “knobby” handle from one of the weapons, I want to try and incorporate it into my mace.

Here are my sketches:

Updated hall

I added some assets from Isaiah’s modular pieces. I also took the advice to add the horizontal beam to my 1st floor pieces. It helps with the disconnectedness. I am going to add it to the door piece later. I also fixed some texture problems but still have more to do.