Royal Mice Game Level Concept

A few screen grabs and sketches on what I want to set out for my first ‘level’ of my level (first floor of the castle)

Maya mock-ups are very basic but get the sense of scale I was going for.

There is a isometric view of what I wanted the atmosphere of the level to be like, at least outside the castle. I also wanted to portray what I wanted the outside of it to look like in terms of scale and height.

Will Gaddis Level Design V1

My level will be a small area of a waterfront district in a steampunk/medieval city.

These are the sketches of the layout of the level, with one side being low and next to the water and the other side being made of tall buildings and a clock tower.



and these are screenshots of the basic block-in


Casper’s Level Design V1

Layout Sketches:

Overall Level View

Farmhouse/ barn sketch

Max’s Owner’s House V1

Max’s Owner’s House V2 (I think I’m going with this design instead.)


Rough Models:

Overall Level View within Unity (Transparent green is forest area; this was just to test out pathing and that sort of stuff.)

Town View within Unity 

Rough Farmhouse/ Barn Model

Rough Idea for the End-goal Tower

Little Low-Poly Trees!

Exploration Platformer Level 1

Exploration Platformer Level 1:

-Jack Riley

Rough sketch of the Level:

Screenshot of the Maya mockup:

The Maya mockup in Unity:

Although this level was made in the style of a 2D platformer, it could be converted into a 3D platformer if needed.

Hallway and Boss Battle Room Level V1

As the last level of my game, the map of the level looks like this:

In which the green arrow indicates the direction Max the Magnificient is escaping.

3D Overview:

I haven’t quite got to build the obstacles since I am still thinking about which kind of obstacle is appropriate in the game. And the blue blocks roughly indicate the furniture in the queen’s room.

Dining Suite Level V1

As part of my Pikmin meets Royal Mice game, one of the levels will feature the kitchen and dining hall of the castle.

Arrows denote the flow of the level. The goal of this level is to gather enough food to survive in hiding.

Overview of the level.

The dining hall.

The kitchen (oven in the back).

(Keep in mind, the player characters are mice, so these rooms are much bigger than they appear here).