Final Level

First off, I would like to apologize for the potato quality. All these screenshots were taken on my personal computer instead of the lab computers because I’m back in Delaware for the break and my computer has no dedicated graphics card.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of my favorite parts of the level.

Elderly mouse who yells at you to get off his lawn when you get too close

Impatient mouse tapping his foot and checking his watch. When you get too close, he jumps back in surprise.

Searching mouse who scans the horizon for someone/thing and waves at you when you get close.

This double decker house in the mouse village.

One of the towers overlooking the mouse village.   
The windows of the mouse houses in the mouse village.
The 3spoopy5me cave at the edge of town.   
The floating sword inside the cave, complete with sound effects and glowing particles.

Also Max is still magically teleporting away for some reason and I can’t get him to stop,. but if he stayed where he’s supposed to, he would also be in this list of screenshots.

Also also, trying to build the WebGL game comes up with a scripting error. I’ve rebuilt it a couple times and keep getting the same error. Any ideas on how to fix it are welcome!

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