Dining Hall Level

Here is the current build of the whole level. Unfortunately the WebGL build doesn’t look very good since most of the environment is meshes, which for some reason causes a lot of z-fighting for the build (it works fine inside of Unity).


Dining Room:


Storage Room:


5 Replies to “Dining Hall Level”

  1. Like I said in class, I think that everything works so extremely well with this. The textures, the cohesive style, the changes in atmosphere and location. Envious honestly. My one comment would be to populate some of the areas more, but that’s really up to your discretion. Offbeat additional comment but the cave and area leading off the caves remind me of Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights (that old PS2 game) and I love it.

  2. The level design is really great here. It flows super well and has quite a bit to explore given it’s size. The lighting and textures are all stylized and consistent throughout the piece. Also I dig the cheese head, I recommend not to change that.

  3. The level flows really well and I love the stylized textures and their consistency. Small details like the cobwebs and dining table decor add alot to the character of the level. I especially like the cave and they way it looks. Only thin I notice is that some of the wall textures seem to tile a little obviously, and perhaps there is a way to adjust that.

  4. I enjoyed exploring the different rooms in your level. I loved that it was a circular design. I also like the overall ambiance of your level. There’s a chill vibe and all your textures and lighting work nicely together.

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