Environment progress

Since my game is mainly inside, I won’t have a lot of outside environment in my game.

That being said the times where the outside is visible, like from a window, I want it to give off the same theme as my castle.

I’m going for a dark spooky Gothic feel, and I played around a lot with terrain, lighting, and textures, to see which ones fit best in the environment.

Basically my game is going to be at night time.

The entire castle is gonna be on a plateau surrounded by spooky spiky mountains and other plateaus (that could be part of the level??) to give it a nice scary isolation feel.

Also, for some reason my maya files keep messing up when I send them to the lab computers, so I guess I’m gonna have to make another version of my dead tree there.

Here it is on my pc:

I added like these little strings to look like spider webs I think it looks pretty neat.

Textures and model are hand drawn

Here it is when i export it to the lab computers:

(also I checked, the psd file is literally just one layer with this one texture, for some reason maya hates it on the lab computers, for now just use imagination and replace all the stock trees with the dead ones)

Hopefully I can figure out a way to not make it mess up


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