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  1. The thrones and tapestrys were adapted from Kyle Savell’s Dinning Room Level.
    The music and sound files were adapted from freesound.org with thanks to Tristan Lohengrin for the music, James Gilsenan for the mechanical sound, and mrauralization for the snoring sound.
    The cat animation was created using CG Spectrum Tiger found here https://www.cgspectrum.edu.au/tiger-animation-rig.
    The maid animation was made using the Mery rig found here http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/mery-rig-free-maya-character-rig-female-character-rig/, but it did not transfer well into Unity from Maya.
    The mouse animations were made using the Mort rig from Professor Joshua Rosenstock.
    Additionally, many textures were adapted from images found online, and some standard Unity assets were used.

  2. I really like the total vibe of your castle. The marble and tiles and walls makes the whole room seem “castle-ly?” I also liked how it really makes you feel like a mouse because of how big the halls and rooms are. It did take me a few minutes to see the mouse hole that led to the parkour area but that was cause I was too busy looking at your details. Your parkour area was really neat but it was kind of hard, it took me multiple tries to get up. Overall, really cool!!

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