Casper’s Final Project Build (Pre-Critique)


I reworked my project so it was closer to the beginning where the mice began hoarding all of the food from the village, so there’s still a ton in the village but also a ton in the mice hideout.

Area where the mice started taking the food; there are multiple animation scenes in here!

Firefly and fog particle systems that I made.

Cute bridge scene (also fog and fireflies here, just not visible in this screenshot).

Tower entrance.

Marketplace scene.

The house you can go into and explore!

House interior. 

Another mouse scene within the village.

Village shot.

5 Replies to “Casper’s Final Project Build (Pre-Critique)”

  1. I mean, everything in the level is impressive. The only critique is the fact that the lanterns cast really sharp shadows of the lanterns themselves; adding in some subtle fill lights outside lanterns might make the shadows less harsh.

  2. I can’t believe this was done in 7 weeks, the amount of detail in the large level is impressive in itself. Also great job on the character model, I can’t imagine how tedious rigging it would be. In terms of criticism I don’t have much other than the floating aspect of max, but I’m not sure how easy that would be to fix.

  3. I’m very impressed with the level. You have a large scope but still manage to make each part of the level feel unique and full. I especially like the barn with all the mice. Texturing is well done and a large diversity of models makes a lived-in world. I also love getting to play as Max. The only thing I would consider is experimenting around with ambient lighting. I felt much of the level was very dark, and hid some of the details you worked on. Perhaps a subtle blue ambiance will create less contrast to the player.

  4. The detail and amount of pieces is very impressive. You really know what you’re doing. However, I think the lighting was a little too dark and severe. It was hard to see all of your details.

  5. Like I said in class, I like how your level is so big. I liked exploring all the different elements of your terrain. I do agree with the previous comments on your ambient lighting though. it was a little dark at places and hid your awesome models. Overall, awesome job, it feels very polished!

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