Will Gaddis Final Level

Pretty happy with how my level turned out. I think the textures are great, and the mood comes together well. I could certainly add more animations and some clutter to the level, but it came together mostly as I envisioned, though to a smaller scale than originally planned.

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  1. The level is very cohesive and as mentioned by many in class the textures turned out really well! One suggestions is to tweak the lighting inside of the blacksmith, I noticed it was a bit dark in there.

  2. I really love the fog and overall feeling that the level gives off. It all feels very cohesive and well put together. Like I said in class, I think that you did a great job with the texturing and that it definitely paid off in the results. If you ever decide to continue on this project, I’d maybe look into adding some more contrast in lighting so that there are certain points of interest; right now the lighting is all pretty uniform so there aren’t really specific places to look. But overall, great job 🙂

  3. Great textures, I’m definitely going to check out that program you mentioned over break because honestly those look super nice. The design in terms of lighting and composition is really well done. In terms of critique I would add a little more clutter to the buildings and space. Other than that it looks great

  4. The textures are very nice and there are a lot of good details in the clutter, but the town almost seems abandoned without other mice. I would recommend adding a bunch of idle mice just to fill out the scene.

  5. Awesome job, I love how everything came together. Your modular pieces allowed for a lot of cool buildings. Also, you really capture the overall mood with the terrain and fog.

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