6 Replies to “Unfinished Castle Level”

  1. I know you already fixed the lighting and it looks great. You obviously had something in mind when you started the project; the scene is very well realized! Once you finish all of the textures on the miscellaneous objects and finish populating the scene it will look even better.

  2. Ooh that dramatic music though. Kind of like Kyle said, it just needs more population and clutter to really come to life! The base is all there, and it’s definitely an extremely solid foundation.

  3. Your use of lighting and outside aspects is done super well. The landscape is really nice too, its like some Mediterranean-like setting. It’s like the queen’s parthenon

  4. As stated before, the exterior is done really well. Both the skybox and environment and plants complete the scene. The inside is well laid out and the textures are clean and consistent. Once again as i’m sure you’ve heard, just some more wall decor and clutter would fill out the level, though I dont think it needs too much. Btw, really like how you used the water effects to create the fountain.

  5. I like the layout of your level, it shows a variety of rooms that you have. Like Will said, I enjoyed looking outside of your porch terrace area. Maybe you could add some clutter to the hallways or stairs?
    Overall, really nice!

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