Final Level

First off, I would like to apologize for the potato quality. All these screenshots were taken on my personal computer instead of the lab computers because I’m back in Delaware for the break and my computer has no dedicated graphics card.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of my favorite parts of the level.

Elderly mouse who yells at you to get off his lawn when you get too close

Impatient mouse tapping his foot and checking his watch. When you get too close, he jumps back in surprise.

Searching mouse who scans the horizon for someone/thing and waves at you when you get close.

This double decker house in the mouse village.

One of the towers overlooking the mouse village.   
The windows of the mouse houses in the mouse village.
The 3spoopy5me cave at the edge of town.   
The floating sword inside the cave, complete with sound effects and glowing particles.

Also Max is still magically teleporting away for some reason and I can’t get him to stop,. but if he stayed where he’s supposed to, he would also be in this list of screenshots.

Also also, trying to build the WebGL game comes up with a scripting error. I’ve rebuilt it a couple times and keep getting the same error. Any ideas on how to fix it are welcome!

Landscape Progress

Due to the size constraints of the mice, I had initially intended to have the majority of the level take place indoors. However, I have since decided to have the action take place outdoors but still within the castle walls. This allows for the opportunity of creating a much bigger world, although the majority of it will not necessarily be interacted with by the player. To achieve this, I created a mountainous landscape with an island surrounded by a lake.

The castle will be located on the island and will use the lake as a defensive moat.

I really like the way the cattails came out, I think it enhances the atmosphere a lot.

Here’s a view looking out on the landscape from the island itself.

Weapon Stuff 2.0

I ended up scrapping what I had done in ZBrush because it was being a pain in the butt and just redoing it in Maya. The textures came out pretty well, I think. I’m especially happy with the jewel texture and how it looks translucent. The only problem I ran into was that the blade is supposed to glow, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. It glows in Maya but doesn’t seem to be glowing in Unity, so if anyone has any idea as to how to fix that, I’d really appreciate it.

Screenshots from Unity

Screenshot of what it looks like glowing in Maya

Weapon Stuff

I intend to make a rapier/broadsword combo. The hilt and pommel will be rapier-esque, but the blade will be thicker than a normal rapier, more like a broadsword. My SD card reader isn’t working right now, so I’ll upload the inspiration photos from the museum later today, but here are some pictures I found online that are sort of what I’m talking about.

EDIT: I’ve added the pictures I took at the bottom.

The hilt will look kind of like the ones above with some of the ornamentation from the one below. The one below will be what the blade will look like.

A concept sketch of what I’m aiming for.

 Some progress pics on what I have so far. It’s just about done in Maya, but I’ll have to import it over to ZBrush to add some details.

Here are the pictures I took at WAM. The sword I want to make is a combo of the rapier second from the right and the sword directly in the middle.

The Royal Mice RPG

I intend to adapt the book to make an RPG. To maintain focus on the plot rather than point based level up stat systems, the leveling up will be behind the scenes. The game will be played from the perspective of the mice, which means that the size of the world around them will be comically exaggerated. The game will follow the mice from the introduction of Max the Magnificent into their home to when they chase him out again (the final boss battle).

Player objectives

The ultimate player objective is to secure the mice’s spot in the castle. This requires defeating Max. In order to do this, the player must first learn of the existence of the magic sword and horn and then go on a quest to retrieve them.

Game mechanics

The game will be played in third person while following around the character of Cadbury. The world will be fairly open for exploration, but the story will not advance until Cadbury achieves the necessary objectives. In order to do so, he will have to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Characters and key objects

Cadbury: The main character and the mouse that the players control.

Guinevere: Mouse royalty and the love interest for Cadbury.

Gilbert the Elder: The oldest, wisest mouse among them. He tells them of the existence of the sword and the horn.

Little Francis: Young mouse who stumbles across the secret room where the sword and horn are kept.

Sword: Half of the magic duo to summon the ghost mouse army.

Horn: The other half of the magic duo to summon the ghost mouse army.

Ghost mice: Deceased warrior mice that aid Cadbury in defeating Max.

Queen: First boss and the catalyst for inviting Max into the castle.

Max the Magnificent: Final boss and primary antagonist of the game.

Game world

Exaggeratedly large to emphasize the smallness of the mice. The game takes place entirely in and around the castle. Key locations include the kitchen where the final battle takes place and the tower and room where the mice find the sword and horn.

Gameplay highlights/hooks/features

Play as a mouse! Summon hundreds of mice warrior ghosts a la Lord of the Rings! Fight a cat with your ghostly army!

Intended audience and how you will appeal to it

It’s based on a children’s book, so the game should be kid friendly, but it should still be fun to play for people of all ages. To maintain the appeal for children, the style will be cartoony and exaggerated. Additionally, Max is now a vegetarian, so all the mice he captured were actually caught and released.

Game style/player experience

The environment and characters will be stylistically exaggerated to add to the cartoony nature of the game. The goal is to ensure that the player experience is fun and enjoyable without getting too heavy.

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Regina Reynolds Mini Portfolio

High poly 3D sculpt:

Above are a bunch of different angles of the first project I ever did in ZBrush.

Above is a 3D model I made of yours truly for my 3D Modeling I final project.


I like to use charcoal.

Some pen and ink stuff.

Some colored pencil stuff, which is probably my favorite medium besides paint.

Some regular pencil stuff.


Here’s the 30 second monologue I animated for my Animation II final.

Here’s the 2D animation I did for my midterm.


Some watercolor stuff.

I paint with acrylics, too.

One time I carved a wood block and made a print with it and didn’t lose any fingers in the process, so I count that as a success. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also like taking pictures. This is a picture of a wild kangaroo I befriended in Australia during IQP.