Deleting your environment accidentally can lead to some complications when it comes to trying to get all the requirements for this project. So the environment and build isn’t exactly what I wanted to portray, but grasps the idea I was going for I guess.

I really liked this lighting that I got to work (although it was cooler in the deleted build), I definitely think that the mood aspect is the only one I have going for me since I spent a lot of time on the lighting and composition aspects.


6 Replies to “Final”

  1. The details look really good, I especially like the shininess on the glasses! The scene is quite dark though, you could add some additional point lights that are not associated with the light sources to make some ambient light.

  2. Agreed on the comment for a little more overall light. I love the point lights that you have and definitely think that those work, the whole thing just needs a little higher global illumination! Overall I really like the vibes that the level is giving off, and think that it would be a fun place to explore 🙂

  3. Love those glasses. Like above, the lighting altogether works well and looks nice, emphasizing details that draw the players attention. Perhaps a small ambient light will fix concerns about the level being too dark as a whole, however. All the indoor textures look good, though they appear to lack normal maps which I think would look really nice with the lighting you have. Though, I could be wrong in this assumption and am just blind.

  4. I thought the environment looked pretty good. I liked how the sky is dark which helps the mood. I do agree with the comments on the room being a little too dark though, but overall really nice!

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