I tried to implement everyones ideas into my mace. I added beveling to the blades to make it look more interesting and then also added a ring to separate the head from the shaft. I also made the handle longer and beveled the bottom so it wasn’t as flat.

I still need to work on getting textures for it. I also plan on doing something with the normal maps to etch some details into the head.

For my modular pieces, I started fixing some of the textures and also added horizontal beams to make it more cohesive.

I also started playing with normal mapping to make the wall plaster stick out more. I did have some trouble with the smoothness maps, it was making my wood shiny even when I tried making it in both black and white. Hopefully I can resolve this later this week.

Some things I need to do: model smaller objects around the room, fix textures on modular pieces + normal map, find textures for weapon.

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