Another Progress Update

I reworked my mouse animations so that they’re longer. I want to make one or two more in addition to the ones I have though, probably mice interacting with food. I also am going to make one more house version with an animated door; this will be the house that Max can actually go into (assuming I can get the camera to be friendlier with odd angles instead of clipping into the ground).

{I’ll upload the animation videos on here later once they’re all grouped together.}

The biggest thing I did this weekend was getting my Max rig to work. I definitely need to go back and tweak some of the animations, since it seems like they all got cut slightly in Unity. I might add one or two loops to each of the baked animations so that it has less of a chance of getting cut off. (You can see what I’m talking about with the animations clipping in the build I posted earlier this morning.) If anyone wants the rig, I’ll happily share it, but I do have to note that you can only animate it in 3DS Max (can’t figure out how to transfer it to Maya), which might not be too friendly for most people in this class since we haven’t worked with 3DS Max.

Otherwise, I made some more progress making clutter and some stone wall pieces to surround the town, as well as a picket fence to border most of the rest of the level.

What I have to do for Thursday is make a few more clutter pieces, mostly food items, implement the rest of my animations, fix Max up a bit, make audio and particles, and finish placing everything! Exciting exciting.

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