Rachel Whalen Final Game

My game is not ready to be published yet. I am very sad about that, but all of the pieces are done. They just need to work.

Mosaic floor. It’s a flower

all of the pieces above move as a part of the level.

Here is a link to a google drive folder so you can see my animations. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-nXqx_ClFp5V2VUQjNtTjdITHM?usp=sharing

4 Replies to “Rachel Whalen Final Game”

  1. Out of all of the levels, this one definitely has the gameplay aspect most fleshed out, it’s cool that you have all of the artistic aspects of the level around that!

  2. I DIDN’T REALIZE THE MOSAIC WAS A FLOWER THAT’S SO COOL. But yeah, love the little details like that, and I really love how much motion you incorporated into everything (both with the level itself and all of the animations you made). Just keep fleshing it out and playing with player-character parameters to get it how you want! You also might find that changing the jump height for your character is helpful 🙂

  3. Love the concept for the platforming, and the idea of a multi level platforming thing is really cool.
    This reminds me a lot of that mouse trap board game, with the cage with the rope and the platforms, not sure why but I like the concept a lot.

  4. I really enjoy the design of the level and the platformer/puzzle sections that the player needs to solve. I think the animations are really well done and the whole level comes together. One thing you might consider is increasing the resolution of your textures. I feel some of the objects look stretched out and the texture looks scaled big. I think some editing in photoshop could quickly change that,

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