The Royal Mice RPG

I intend to adapt the book to make an RPG. To maintain focus on the plot rather than point based level up stat systems, the leveling up will be behind the scenes. The game will be played from the perspective of the mice, which means that the size of the world around them will be comically exaggerated. The game will follow the mice from the introduction of Max the Magnificent into their home to when they chase him out again (the final boss battle).

Player objectives

The ultimate player objective is to secure the mice’s spot in the castle. This requires defeating Max. In order to do this, the player must first learn of the existence of the magic sword and horn and then go on a quest to retrieve them.

Game mechanics

The game will be played in third person while following around the character of Cadbury. The world will be fairly open for exploration, but the story will not advance until Cadbury achieves the necessary objectives. In order to do so, he will have to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Characters and key objects

Cadbury: The main character and the mouse that the players control.

Guinevere: Mouse royalty and the love interest for Cadbury.

Gilbert the Elder: The oldest, wisest mouse among them. He tells them of the existence of the sword and the horn.

Little Francis: Young mouse who stumbles across the secret room where the sword and horn are kept.

Sword: Half of the magic duo to summon the ghost mouse army.

Horn: The other half of the magic duo to summon the ghost mouse army.

Ghost mice: Deceased warrior mice that aid Cadbury in defeating Max.

Queen: First boss and the catalyst for inviting Max into the castle.

Max the Magnificent: Final boss and primary antagonist of the game.

Game world

Exaggeratedly large to emphasize the smallness of the mice. The game takes place entirely in and around the castle. Key locations include the kitchen where the final battle takes place and the tower and room where the mice find the sword and horn.

Gameplay highlights/hooks/features

Play as a mouse! Summon hundreds of mice warrior ghosts a la Lord of the Rings! Fight a cat with your ghostly army!

Intended audience and how you will appeal to it

It’s based on a children’s book, so the game should be kid friendly, but it should still be fun to play for people of all ages. To maintain the appeal for children, the style will be cartoony and exaggerated. Additionally, Max is now a vegetarian, so all the mice he captured were actually caught and released.

Game style/player experience

The environment and characters will be stylistically exaggerated to add to the cartoony nature of the game. The goal is to ensure that the player experience is fun and enjoyable without getting too heavy.

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