Royal Mice Game

I think it would be really cool to explore the castle from a mouse’s point of view.

Story: You are a mouse living in a grand castle. Life is good until one day when the queen discovers your friends in the kitchen. Scared, the queen enlists the help of a cat (Max) as an exterminator for her rat problems. However, Max is lazy and sends out minions (TBD) to do his dirty work. The minions prove to be effective and are slowly getting rid of all the mice in the castle. You must destroy the minions, scare Max away, and save your friends from death.

Game Play: The player will play as a mouse on a quest to defeat Max. During this quest, the player can explore the many rooms of the castle in search of weapons and upgrades. However, the player will also need to defeat the minions that Max sends out to destroy him. There will be a final boss fight between the player and Max.

Player Objectives:
Defeat the Final Boss (Max)

Game Mechanics:
Exploring – explore the castle and find new weapons/powerups
Fighting – fight minions that Max sends out, fight final boss Max

You would play as a Mouse on his quest to defeat Max

Key Objects:
Weapons – sword and sword upgrades
Key – only this key can open the door that leads to the horn
Horn – which summons warriors for a duration

Game World:
This would take place among the many floors and rooms of the castle

Gameplay Highlights:
There will be clues of a secret weapon, the horn
Finding the horn and using it to summon warriors

Game Style:
This game will draw a lot of inspiration from the book art

Audience + Experience:
Ages 10+ for an easy and fun game
Not a lot of experience needed

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Kent Fong Mini Portfolio


Hello, this is my mini portfolio.

High poly 3D sculpt (Zbrush)

Low poly 3D model (Maya etc.)



Photoshop collage or other multi-layer composition


Digital painting



Some figure drawings

Animation (embed links (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to youtube etc.)


Games (screenshots and/or gameplay videos)
Created the background art for a 2D platformer. In this level, I did the trees and mountains. 


Other: photography, sculpture, crafts, music, performing arts, interactive multimedia, videos, whatever else represents your best creative work.

Short Video that I made in India for our IQP. It’s supposed to be a little vlog to show our peers and advisers what we did. 

Dragon Sculpture