5 Replies to “Modular Building Project – Hallways; Atlas”

  1. So a way that you could do curtains if you can’t get the ones you’d already made to convert to polygons, is you could start with a thin cube or a plane that has a ton of subdivisions, then use soft selection (b, hold down b and scroll to resize) and move big chunks with the move tool! I did this for the blankets on the beds that I made, and even though it isn’t as nice as the techniques which we learned in 3D Modeling 2 last year for cloth things, it still looks alright (especially for low poly). Otherwise, like I said in class, I think that adding some trim along the walls and floor would add a lot to your level. Maybe you could make some pillows for the little window nooks too? 🙂

    (I love this and you <333333)

  2. The floor looks super nice. It tiles really well and complements the color scheme. Some curved furniture, like chairs or the stools, will break up the flatness and will add more color.

  3. The textures already look pretty much done! One little thing that’s bothering me is that the grain on the wood texture for the bookshelf top and shelves is running parallel to its width. I feel that it might look a bit better if the grain went in the same direction as the width, like for your shorter cubby/desk models.

  4. I like the textures alot and the colors of the level. One thing I would suggest is adding some beveling to the blocky shapes in your level. It would add some more interesting variation in the models.

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