Modular Building Project – Tudor Exterior

I decided to take some renders both in Unity and in Maya, just because I wanted to see the difference between the texture quality and saturation.


House variations:




Most of my models have finished base textures, it’s just doing some more hand-painted detail for specific objects and some wall pieces (probably doors and that sort of thing).

All hand-painted textures are going to be in this type of style:


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  1. It’s so detailed, I mean wow. I hope to be a good as you someday. I’d just recommend keeping the game concept and level in your mind throughout all of the details.

  2. I mean, it already looks amazing, so any suggestions are just nit-picks from me. It might look nice to have some sort of wall-foundation variation of the wall models, since right now the textures go down to the ground without any bounding geometry/texture. Even just making the stone/plaster look a bit dirtier near ground would add a degree of separation between the building and the ground.

  3. Hi! Everything so far looks amazing. I’m just going to echo someone else because I have nothing constructive to say; but I do believe that adding another type of wall material below the already existing wall textures would make it look a bit more believable, as most houses can be seen to have a bit of foundation sticking out from the bottom. But overall these pieces are going to be infinitely reusable, and the way that you’ve created your items shows a lot of skill.

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