Modular Building w textures

These walls and assets should be able to build a reasonable varying city block. I just need to make the roofs and fix some texture mapping that came out weird.

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  1. I really like the pieces that you’ve made so far. You had said in class that you were going for a steampunk sort of look; a lot of steampunk stuff is pretty detailed while also sort of dirty looking (search “steampunk town” if you’re wondering what i mean by this), so to get that to translate better I think it’d be good if you created some more decorative pieces like the ones you’ve already started with. Having those, plus some more props that you put around the buildings, would help with this look. Also, having some more depth with your walls, especially if you’re making buildings that have multiple floors, will help a lot with shape! So think about extrusions and bay windows and that sort of thing 🙂

  2. The textures and models already look very polished! In my opinion I think it would be cool to have a different color for the base of the second-floor walls, or some tweaks to make it flow better between floors.

  3. This looks great so far, I can tell you put a lot of thought into thinking about the pieces of your town in a modular manner, and I believe that the little pieces will add a great amount of variance to each of the surfaces. My only critique is what I said in class about the repetitiveness of the windows, maybe having one or two more versions of them would be a great benefit. Overall fantastic job.

  4. Actually scratch my comment about the windows. Instead of making different windows, instead of having one type of window on each side of the building, switch it up a bit. I think that’ll help a bit more.

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