6 Replies to “Rachel Whalen Higgins House Atlas”

  1. I really liked that you had a different texture for the interior and exterior; that was a clever thing to do. If you wanted to add more depth to the pieces you’ve already made, adding things like trims around the doors and windows, as well as some other details to the walls and by the floor (up to you), would be a really great idea!

  2. I also like the different textures for your interior and exterior. I think adding some pieces to the outside, like some bumps from the rocks or other small details would look really nice.

  3. Hi! This pretty much echoes everything other people said, but I would really focus on adding bits and pieces such as lamps or planter boxes to break up the straight planes of wall, just to add visual interest. You did a great job of texturing. 🙂

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