Dining Hall Textures and Atlas

Most of the textures for the walls of the dining hall, unfortunately some are unfinished or need slight tweaks to smooth tiling.

The color bases and UV maps are all configured, objects like the table and the chair have not been properly detailed yet. Everything will be textured in a hand-painted cartoony style, where many of the colors/shading will remain flat.

A niche that could exist in a hallway.

Example dining hall table.

Mock-up of the dining hall.

6 Replies to “Dining Hall Textures and Atlas”

  1. Since the playable character is going to be pretty short, I think it would be a good idea to make some more detailed pieces for near-ground level. So carpets and more decorative trim details and that sort of stuff! What you have right now is a great start and I really like the style you’re going for, you should just try to translate that style into things that the player is definitely going to be seeing a lot of!

  2. One thing im curious of is that if the player is so small, is part of the goal to have them run on tables and chairs or just under them. If you want them to be able to jump around, consider creating objects or editing existing ones so players would be able to jump up your pieces

  3. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but the way that the models are currently textured looks fantastic to me. There is a great simplicity to the texture yet it works because of the detail in the models. Really great job of thinking about everything modularly as well.

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