Higgins Modular Building part 1


My area was a small hexagonal room with a dome roof. not much furniture in it except a fireplace


Reference Images


Most textures are photo shopped / edited pictures. Some are handmade lie the dark wood texture

Low Poly 3D module parts

-walls are all 16 x 24.  The shape of the building is hexagonal

-The # of subdivisions on the roof are 10 (20 for total sphere)

My plan is to make more objects to add to this small room, since I don’t really have much else to do in terms of replicating it other than the light fixtures, doors, and other small objects that could make the room more interesting.

Another thing to do is improve on the walls and add window fixtures

Rachel Whalen Higgins Building Part 1

My Sketches of the Tower

Reference Photos


There are many more texture images of plain brick walls; they were not all included because they are all very similar.


Maya Modular Parts

Tudor Style Exteriors

Some observational sketches:

Reference photos:


Model screenshots:

I have some furniture pieces made for the few interior sections, one base caravan, and modular pieces for the houses built! I’ve also pictured some of my attempts at having the houses fully pieced together. (Need to do some more experimentation with larger houses, but I’ve gotten the hang of the small ones now!)

Library textures/references, Modular Dining Hall

I was assigned the library for getting textures and reference images.



References (sorry there’s a lot):

For my game, I started modelling the dining hall:

The level is completely indoors, so I made a wall/floor kit to construct the dining room.

I also made the table modular so that it could be any length.

I started on some objects to populate the room with.

Misc. Hallway Things

I was assigned the various hallways and the things that inhabit them. Below I’ve created bits of furniture and pieces that can fit in a hallway or various rooms.



Example Hallway

Example Room


Higgins Pictures

10 Textures