Rachel Whalen Sword

Here are some images of my sword. I wish it was better. I need to put more work into the blade texture.

My hilt is pretty.

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  1. I think that resizing the UVs and changing around the levels of specularity will help it a lot. The shape of the hilt that you have is really nice, you just need a texture to match!

  2. This sword looks like it was buried in the year 1000 A.D. it is so ancient looking. Great job with that! I just think that the blade is a bit short. This is just a suggestion, but maybe to add a bit more interest to the sword you can play with the shape a bit more. Maybe make two small cylinders and put them on two sides of the blade and do a boolean subtraction. It looks fine now, but it could be worth playing with different shapes to see if it adds any visual interest.

  3. I agree with the others that you did a really good job making this look like an ancient artifact, and that adjusting the size of the UV for the blade would make it look even better.

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