Knight Helmet Detail

Here’s my progress with the knight helmet. I added more polys to the helmet after doing the normal map, so some of that still looks a bit funky. I also want to add some small bump map details to the “fin” of the helmet and to some of the depressed rings.


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  1. Love the design of your helmet. I think the normal mapping looks really nice too! Just going off on what Casper said in class, I think you can make the back of the helmet bulge a little bit more?

  2. Hi! I don’t have much to say that wasn’t said in class, here it is more noticeable that the normal texture is pixellated, I hope that increasing the size of the UV space helps. Overall the texture is really good. My only issue is with the head shape. The top needs to be bumped up and the back bumped out a bit. The neck could also be pulled in a bit. The rest looks great!

  3. So beautiful and elegant. A little more color wouldn’t hurt. Incorporating some accessories like feathers or fabric may help. Also, the metal seems a bit bright, but I think that’s probably just the lighting.

  4. It would be sick to see some coloring in those normal map details. Otherwise once the pixelation gets taken care of I feel like it would look amazing. Maybe tweak the proportions a little, but otherwise I’m excited to see the detail

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