Rachel Whalen’s the Royal Mice and the Cat’s Gambit

The game of the Royal Mice and the Cat’s Gambit will begin with a short narrative told by the mice Cadbury and Guinevere describing their relatively peaceful life in the castle until the queen of All You Can See became frustrated with the mice and she got a cat, Max the Magnificent. The scene ends with Max entering the castle and greeting the queen. Then, the players choose to play as little Francis or little Francine before they begin the game in their small mouse home inside of the castle. The player will complete a quick tutorial before meeting Cadbury and Guinevere. Cadbury and Guinevere will explain how Max has been hunting the mice and that they have been hiding, but it hasn’t been enough. They need to find a way to get rid of the cat.

The player will then be given various quests to find objects around the castle. The quests will be given by Cadbury, Guinevere, and Gilbert the Elder after the player meets him shortly into the game. Gilbert will tell the player about the secret chamber with a horn and a sword, but his memory is somewhat hazy so he will give quests to find items that tell the ancient story of the warrior mice and the importance of the horn and the sword. Guinevere will ask for items to help the mice and some chores before focusing on finding items that are keys in the quest as well as items that come together to form maps. Cadbury, on the other hand, helps train the player in different skills such as climbing and different tricks to avoid the cat in addition to giving quests to find objects necessary for completing the search for the horn and the sword such as rope and other tools. The player can also complete side quests given by the main three mice along with other mice and even a few friendly humans like the princess.

The game is built on the player finding various objects around the castle while avoiding the cat and humans. If the cat sees the player, they will need to run, hide, or trick the cat to escape. If the player gets caught, it’s game over and they will have to start at their last save. Throughout the game, the player will explore the welcoming and light castle through the library, kitchen, bedrooms, and towers finding important objects. When the player has completed all of the main quests, they will have found the horn and the sword and they will call the spirt warrior mice to help them defeat the cat. The game will end with Max’s defeat and the mice will live peacefully in the castle again.

The bright and friendly aspects of the game are meant to appeal to children as well as the teenagers and adults that enjoy fun quest filled games like the Legend of Zelda. The castle is well lit with many interesting places to explore like secret passageways through the walls. The color scheme is pleasant with pinks, whites, yellows, and blues and the animals are anthropomorphized and wearing cute clothes. There is also an interaction with human children such as the princess who becomes their friend, which becomes relatable for young gamers. The Royal Mice and the Cat’s Gambit is a lighthearted game based on a children’s book with simple objectives and enjoyable gameplay.

Player Objectives: Find various objects and complete quests while avoiding the cat and humans.

Main Characters: Cadbury and Guinevere are the leaders of the mice. Gilbert the Elder is a wise old mouse that helps the player. Max the Magnificent is the cat that hunts and kills the mice. The queen and the princess are unfriendly and friendly humans respectively.

Key Objects: The ancient horn and sword that calls the spirit warrior mice for help.

Game World: The light, welcoming castle with many rooms including a kitchen, throne room, bedrooms, a library, towers and paths through the walls that the mice use. The castle is noble and sometimes messy with whites, pinks, blues, and yellows.

Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)

Audience: Ages 10 and up due to the lighthearted nature of the game with many enjoyable quests and interesting characters.

Concept Art:

Regina Reynolds Mini Portfolio

High poly 3D sculpt:

Above are a bunch of different angles of the first project I ever did in ZBrush.

Above is a 3D model I made of yours truly for my 3D Modeling I final project.


I like to use charcoal.

Some pen and ink stuff.

Some colored pencil stuff, which is probably my favorite medium besides paint.

Some regular pencil stuff.


Here’s the 30 second monologue I animated for my Animation II final.

Here’s the 2D animation I did for my midterm.


Some watercolor stuff.

I paint with acrylics, too.

One time I carved a wood block and made a print with it and didn’t lose any fingers in the process, so I count that as a success. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also like taking pictures. This is a picture of a wild kangaroo I befriended in Australia during IQP.

Kent Fong Mini Portfolio


Hello, this is my mini portfolio.

High poly 3D sculpt (Zbrush)

Low poly 3D model (Maya etc.)



Photoshop collage or other multi-layer composition


Digital painting



Some figure drawings

Animation (embed links (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to youtube etc.)


Games (screenshots and/or gameplay videos)
Created the background art for a 2D platformer. In this level, I did the trees and mountains. 


Other: photography, sculpture, crafts, music, performing arts, interactive multimedia, videos, whatever else represents your best creative work.

Short Video that I made in India for our IQP. It’s supposed to be a little vlog to show our peers and advisers what we did. 

Dragon Sculpture 

Will Gaddis Mini Portfolio


Hi Everyone! I’m just starting my sophomore year so I don’t have an abundance of high quality works but hopefully that should change soon.

High-Poly Model:

Low-Poly Model:

Multi-layer compositions:


Game Levels and environments:


The Royal Mice, Part 2

Story: After coexisting with the Royal Mice for quite some time, the Queen of All You Can See had begun noticing the mice getting a bit too comfortable and abusing her hospitality. They ate her food, chewed holes in her shoes, and even raised an army of dead mice to steal her clothing items to make a nest! This was the last straw for the Queen of All You Can See; the mice had to go! Seeing as enlisting help from the land’s biggest and strongest cat, Max the (used to be) Magnificent, brought upon unsatisfactory results, she turned to another option: modern technology. She enlisted the help of the Royal Army’s robot soldiers, with their laser fingers, to, once and for all, rid her castle of the pesky Royal Mice.

After the unfortunate slaughter of many mice, it was the tiny Little Francis who managed to make his way, undetected, onto one of the robots. He climbed very quickly searching all over the robot’s giant body, looking for any weak point that would allow the mice to take the robots down. Finally, after what seemed like five minutes of searching (which, in reality, had been two), Little Francis found a way into the crook of the robot’s neck, where many wires were housed. He then chewed through all of the wires, leaving the robot lifeless. Satisfied, Little Francis made his way over to all of the other robots, though some of them were hard to get to (the older Royal Mice would not him out of their burrow where they knew robots were sure to be hiding, so he had to find other means of accessing them). Within a few hours, all of the robots had fallen.

Defeated, the Queen of All You Can See fled her castle, leaving it to the mice, as she discovered she could not defeat them.  The Royal Mice were then able to live up to their name, and ruled the land of All You Can see as a conglomerate ruling party, under the dictatorial rule of Little Francis. The End.

Setting/Style: The inside of the Queen of All You Can See’s castle. Everything looks royal: polished marble floors, grand hallways, high vaulted ceilings, purple carpets, and, of course, lots of paintings of the queen herself mounted on the walls. There will also be lots of tunnels within the walls, which is generally where the other mice are hidden. The style is near-photorealistic, but not quite.

Gameplay: In this game, the player will play as Little Francis in the midst of being hunted down by giant robots. The player will attempt to stay in the shadows, otherwise risk death by robot laser fingers. The player, when the opportunity strikes, may then climb up the robots, searching for their weak points, which differ by robot. The player must then chew through the wires of each robot until none are left standing. Since the player is a mouse, everything will be large, which will present the player with a lot of challenges as well as benefits. Keys will need to be captured to gain access to various parts of the castle, and other areas must be entered by finding a way in (climbing, generally).

Mood: The game will have an exploratory atmosphere, mixed with the suspense of hiding from robots.

Mechanics: The game will have straight forward gameplay, the player will be able to: walk, run, climb up large objects, sneak, jump, and hide behind objects.


  • Get Keys
  • Find new areas
  • Kill Robots
  • Don’t die

Players: 1

Genre: RPG


  • Little Francis: the main character
  • The Queen: generally spends her time in her throne room, but will be seen at various times throughout the game
  • The other mice: Block direct paths to the robots, since Little Francis is so young. At the end, you report back to them after the robots have been taken care of
  • The Various Robots: antagonists, shoot mice with laser fingers. All have different weak points

Key Objects:

  • Keys: Allow entry into otherwise inaccessible areas of the castle.
  • Doors: Keys open them
  • Tables: May be climbed upon to hide behind the objects sitting on top of them. Also provide a vantage point for jumping onto robots.
  • Vases: mice can hide behind them
  • Fountain: the castle is fancy

Audience: Ages 10 and up. The audience for this game would be rather broad, as it has minimal violence and a semi-casual atmosphere. It will appeal to lots of people, as the game has various enjoyable aspects, such as discovery and the ability to peacefully kill large objects. The only violence in the game would be related to the mice being disintegrated by robot lasers.



Casper Cox Mini Portfolio ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Hi! This is my little portfolio! A few of the things in here are works in progress, but most of this is finished work.

-High Poly 3D Sculpts:

-Low Poly 3D Models:

-Multi-layer Compositions:

-Digital Paintings:




This was a game I made in a game jam with one other person. It was called Beefcake To Beefcake, and it had pixel graphics with a big buff dude (the beefcake) eating beefcakes (cakes that had cow spots) until he became so large that he himself turned into a cake. It was really beautiful.


I cosplay as a hobby and sell kigurumis {onesies} online, both of which I do all of my own sewing, prop-making, and pattern-drafting for, so I figured this was alright for showing some of my offbeat skills.

Isaiah Cochran Mini Portfolio

Hello! My old computer with my works on it is no longer available to me, but those works were not of good quality anyway, here’s what I have:

High Poly Model

Low Poly Model

Digital Paintings


After I shaved my head I thought I looked like an alien/demon so I ran with the thought: