Outdoor Progress

I was really short on time this week due to a ton of stuff coming up for other classes, so I didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked. Hopefully I’ll have more time to really do things this weekend.

I changed the color map on my shell helmet so that there was a little bit of a rusty factor. You can’t tell too terribly much, but I changed the lighting too to help the effect.

I think you can see the varying tones best in this one.

Then I started making some plant groups! I’m also going to make individual pieces (or smaller groups), but I wanted to start with the bigger chunks since a lot of my level is going to be sort of an overgrown forest.

This one is my favorite. It looks so soft.

I started making some more clutter for my level too. Most of the stuff in this scene is for a marketplace setting, which is something I plan on having in the center area of my town section. I have some more things in mind that I’d like to make for this too. 

I also made some changes to the main tower in the town so now it looks more whimsical. I need to finish up the door and some trims on it before texturing. 

I found a tree pack on the Unity asset store which I really like. I don’t remember what it’s called, but if anyone is interested I can find it again and share! The pack also has birch trees (which I have in my level I just didn’t screenshot).

Then here’s my start of the landscape layout. I have to make it pretty large since it has to be overscaled due to Max being the main character. The chunk that dips down in the lower right corner (kind of a bean shape) is where the town is going to be. I’m probably going to make that a bit larger since most of my assets right now are town pieces. I’m going to make a lake or two on the left side and upper right.

My time of year that I’m going for is end of summer, start of autumn. I’m going to see if there’s a way to change the materials on the trees I found to match this a bit better so I could have some more variations, but I set up the lighting to fit the mood a little better. I’m probably going to make it more orangey for a sunset, I just wanted to make sure my grass texture didn’t look completely dead for the screenshot.

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