The Royal Mice Game Adaptation:

Royalty Restoration

By Will Suriner


The Royal Mice is about a large group of rodents that live in the princess’ castle, what I wanted to do to the story is to change the premise of it so that the mice are now on their last legs and are fighting to prevent their extinction.

For my game, I was thinking of making a point and click adventure game with a gothic feel and art style, where making the right decision is crucial to the survival of the mice. It will have a dark and musty color scheme and feel to it, as well as a horror aesthetic.



Max the Magnificent has been slaughtering the mice of castle one by one. However, due to the sheer amount of mice in the castle, the princess has now hired multiple cats to take out the mice. Cadbury, one of the mice queen’s right hand men, is on a very important mission, to get the sword and the horn from the chamber high in one of the towers. This will be their end game, but the trek there won’t be easy.

Max and his squad of mice murderers will do anything to help out their queen, which means ruthlessly track and kill mice as soon as they get the chance. Cadbury must travel up the castle through a multitude of rooms to get to the top and unleash the army of the undead upon Max and his squad.


Characters & Key Objects:

Cadbury will be the mouse you will take control of in this game, but other mice may be able to assist you in your adventure.

Other characters will include Max and his squad, which will be the ones you will try to avoid. Some other characters will be small side characters that will give advice on your way to the end goal. These characters are Guinevere the mouse princess, Filthy Francis the young trouble maker, and the Grand Gilbert the Eldest and most wise of the mice.  There will be some other mice you will meet along your journey that will be introduced later in Cadbury’s adventure.

Key objects are both the sword (sword of the dammed) and the horn (hades whistle). These are crucial to help Cadbury summon the dead and help drive out the cats that are now in control of the castle. There are going to be some other objects that will help you along your journey, but are not required to finish the game.

Game play:

This game will be a point and click adventure where your decisions impact the end of the game, and on whether you finish the game at all. The intended audience would be for anyone that is a fan of gothic and dark style games (ex: Dark Souls/Bloodborne, Limbo, Inside), and obviously for anyone who likes point and click games. The player should get a sense of dread and emptiness when playing this game as well as a lingering fear of the predators constantly trying to track you down.

Mock up of a room/ scene:



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