Tom Tawadros – Portfolio

For any aspiring composers who might be looking through my portfolio, you can reach me at High Poly 3D Sculpt Low Poly 3D Model Photoshop Collage Digital Painting Drawing Animation Games Other Work Wow, don’t know what I was thinking with that video. Welcome to the end of the post, once again you can…

Owen Aguirre’s Portfolio

Email: High poly 3D sculpts A2 Character Sculpt in Zbrush Hand Sculpt in Zbrush Photoshop Projects and Collages Album Cover Project (Digital Imaging and Computer Art) Book Collage (Digital Imaging and Computer Art) Games Gompi Run (Worked on level design and rescaling tweaks) Portal Lock (Worked on cover art and level design)

Sarah Love’s Portfolio

High Poly 3d Model Toothless the dragon from HHTYD 2D Animation Digital Painting Environmental Model My full portfolio can be found here:

Lisa Liao’s Portfolio

High poly sculpt of BOTW Link, made in ZBrush High poly 3D sculpt of Elektra from Daredevil, made with ZBrush Low poly models for a VR game created in 3dsMAX and painted in ZBrush Digital paintings done in Photoshop Drawings and Paintings Shotoku’s Defense, VR Game for my MQP Photography – I like to photograph…

Wallace’s Art Portfolio

High Poly 3D Sculpts Photoshop Digital Painting Animation Cosplay This was a costume of Thresh from League of Legends that I created for myself back in high school as an independent study project. The mask is papier-mâché, wire, and 3d printed parts with green LEDs. The gauntlets are 3d printed, as well as the key…

Olivia Bogs – Portfolio

High Poly Models Photoshop & Digital Painting Drawing Animation Games Other Contact information:

Joy Tartaglia – Portfolio

Here are some of my projects. Most of my more recent work has been painting and drawing. Edit: Adding this in because I only just got around to digging up the file. Email:

Davina Dawson Portfolio

High poly 3D sculpt (ZBrush) Low poly 3D model (Maya etc.) Digital painting Drawing Other: I painted a miniature that I’ll share here!

Emma Lowry Portfolio

Full Portfolio: Contact: High Poly 3D Sculpt 3D Low Poly Sculpt Digital painting Drawing Animation Games Other!

Gavin Taylor – Portfolio

Low Poly 3D Model Here are a couple scenes in progress for my MQP. I used basic primitives to create a kitchen, and a bathroom. I also have a living room and bedroom that are in early alpha at the moment. Photoshop This is an original illustration that i created sometime last year, but have…

Portfolio – Jack Riley

Here are some examples of my previous work: Graphic Style Drawings: Low Poly 3D: Animation: Digital Painting:

Tyler B Marcus

Animation High Poly 3D Sculpt Low Poly 3D Model Photoshop Collage Games

Kaamil Lokhandwala: Class Portfolio

3D Animation Ledge Jump A Run Cycle The Mexican Standoff High Poly 3D Models – (Zbrush Stuff) A Detailed Torso Spider Jisoo – Coloring, Facial, Clothing Exercise Skull My Face(?) Game Trailer (I did the 2D Art) Digital Art (Paint 3D) Traditional Art Low Poly 3D

Jasmine Duerk Portfolio

High Poly 3D Sculpt (ZBrush) Low Poly 3D Model (Maya etc.) Digital Painting Drawing Games Sliptime Sleuth is an isometric, time-traveling puzzle game I am working on with Sunburst Studio.