Kaamil Lokhandwala: Class Portfolio

3D Animation

Ledge Jump

A Run Cycle

The Mexican Standoff

This one’s interesting, to say the least. I modeled the gun.

High Poly 3D Models – (Zbrush Stuff)

A Detailed Torso

Spider Jisoo – Coloring, Facial, Clothing Exercise


One of the earlier projects

My Face(?)

At least it looks human.

Game Trailer (I did the 2D Art)

Digital Art (Paint 3D)

Traditional Art

Low Poly 3D

Pretty standard stuff. Rendered out in a cool way though.

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  1. Olivia Bogs says:

    gorgeous – I love your digital painting of mountains with a night sky! The mountains fade beautifully into the background. This piece is done in a more stylized art style and yet it still feels very real, especially with the details and color added to the sky.

  2. Davina Dawson says:

    shiny – As our work is usually digital, I don’t see a lot of polished traditional art pieces in student portfolios here. That old fashioned red car that you’ve shown here is both shiny in reflective windows and in how polished the piece is! Good job!

  3. Wallace Samih says:

    Striking: That ZBrush torso is very well done, especially with such a low visible polycount, which caught my attention.

  4. Jack Riley says:

    Funny- That was definitely an interesting take on the mexican standoff dialogue, and it made pretty good use of the fact that this was done using digital models with the limb contortions and gun transformation. (Also this doesn’t fit with the badge but the traditional art you’ve done looks really good.)

  5. Jasmine Duerk says:

    Funny – Your Mexican Standoff animation is really amusing and well-made. Also I love the baby made out of spheres.

  6. Owen Aguirre says:

    impressive- I thought your art in your traditional art section to be very impressive. Lot’s of detail and color.

  7. Emma Lowry says:

    Detail – I really love the still life piece with the rubix cube. The detail and realism is really nice, and it’s got a certain grit to the style that’s really cool!

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