Isaac Donkoh-Halm Final Project

Update: I have gone back to update the game! Here’s what I changed: Upgraded hero object: Royal Crown The original object was a crown that followed the player’s head, but it was parented to the wrong object so it lagged behind and didn’t look natural. This time, I improved the model and it now accurately…

Courtyard Exterior – Mouse Queen Rough Designs

References I based this level off of the San Marco Piazza and Basilica in Venice, Italy. The plaza itself is typically empty aside from a few vendors and a lot of tourists, so I think I may turn it into some sort of village square/farmers market to liven it up a little.

The Mouse Queen Game Concept – Isaac Donkoh-Halm

The Mouse Queen is a monarch-mecha game where a mouse must control a queen’s action in order to avoid suspicion from cats and the entire non-mouse kingdom. Story Inspired by the psychological thriller Ratatouille (2007), The Mouse Queen takes place sometime after The Royal Mice when the queen has accepted the mice as her own….