Final Level – Tyler Marcus

So the original concept of having a purgatory DMV is still here. It actually played more into my favor since the modular kit was made for an isometric view, but in third person this ethereal skybox view is created to really sell that they mice are between heaven and hell. I had to replace my…

Tyler B Marcus – Animated Character

I spent most of the time fixing up the feet which were really whack. The arms are still very much a work in progress, but should be fixed very soon.

Tyler Marcus – Outdoors

Because my game is indoors I figured out a way to include terrains through a slight loop whole. Since it’s the after life and weird magical things can happen, I want desk lamps to essentially be biomes with a mini sun orbiting it. So basically it’s a dimmer switch lamp but the switch controls where…

Tyler B Marcus – Setting The Stage

I added some minor props and starting adding some wackier lighting to highlight the different roles of the different ghost. The minor props aren’t fully textured yet.

Tyler B Marcus – Preproduction Key Object: Mace In Jar

Budum Tsssss So I scrapped the idea of having three relics and tied to melt them all into one. Basically I made a pun, the ultimate relic, the Mace in Jar. A pot filled to the brim with different ancient maces capable of summoning a variety of different mice armies. I combined the reference of…

Revised Modular Kit – Tyler B Marcus

Not much was changed in Maya for my Modular kit. Most of the focus and effort was in Unity. I changed the wall colors to a deeper blue and removed global illumination and ambient lights to allow my lighting to stand out more. The lights in the scenes have a warmer moodier tone to them.

Modular Building pt.1 – Tyler Marcus

This kit was meant more for the interior heavy setting of my game. I have multiple sets of linkable walls which I duplicated with opposite pivot points for convenience reasons.

Tyler Marcus – Game Concept

Player Objectives You are in charge of three legendary, relics, the Sword and the Horn, the Diamond Spatula, and the Feather and Kraken Ink-pot. The player is tasked with sorting mice that come to the afterlife into the summon relic that best suits their current skill set. Build up the best army for each relic…

Tyler B Marcus

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