Kaamil Lokhandwala – Setting the Stage

Added some simple books and pencils to spice up the place! I plan on adding some doodle-like paintings on the wall and crumpled up pieces of paper everywhere to add to it.

Jasmine Duerk Setting the Stage

I started working on props that will be inside the witch hut. The cabinets in the table can open and close. They still need to be textured. I also plan to add bowls and cups on the tables, as well as various other objects scattered around the room and on the shelf.

Tyler B Marcus – Setting The Stage

I added some minor props and starting adding some wackier lighting to highlight the different roles of the different ghost. The minor props aren’t fully textured yet.

Setting the Stage – Emma Lowry

Some “clutter” objects I’m working on! Because my level takes place outdoors, moving through the different courtyards of a Japanese castle, I’m making the assets required for adding gardens, etc. Planning on creating some weaponry assets as well, and a tattered banner or two. I’ll update this post as I finish more stuff.