Tom Tawadros – Final Project

My initial game concept, based off the story of “The Royal Mice,” was named Cat & Mouse: Royal Rumble. It was a Super Smash Bros. style fighting game were the player takes control of a mouse, and battles cats in order to find items and save the day. While my initial plan was to make the player character the mouse, I got caught up creating the rig for a cat model (generously provided by the professor). One thing led to another, and now you too can prance around the castle kitchen as a 4-legged feline!

All assets were created by myself, excluding the cat model, as stated above, and the music, which was generously provided by Luke Bodwell of this term’s Electronic Music Composition class.

My asset atlas

Cat & Mouse: Royal Rumble, now on WordPress!

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  1. Joy Tartaglia says:

    I really like the jump animation, and it would be great to see it fine tuned a little so the animation works the way you want it. Also, the little attack animation is really neat.

  2. Olivia Bogs says:

    This game definitely gave me Smash Bros vibes but it also was an original concept that didn’t feel like reskinned Smash Bros. Just from watching a demo of the level you can tell a lot of effort was put into modeling, texturing, animations, and implementing it all in engine. Great work, would love to see some programming and more characters to actually be able to fight in the game!

  3. Jasmine Duerk says:

    All of the textures in the environment are super cohesive! I really like all of the normal map detailing. Also I think it’s cool that you can walk on the beam under the table instead of just on top of the table.

  4. Janelle Knight says:

    This was so cool and I loved how it turned out in the end! Especially the rigging and animation of the cat, you did a very nice job!

  5. Emma Lowry says:

    The textures throughout your whole scene are really well done! I really love the gritty details in the floor tiles and stone walls (Which also turned out awesome).

  6. Kaamil Lokhandwala says:

    For whats its worth, the mechanics do already feel smooth even if the animations aren’t exactly where you want them to be. I think its a great base for a fighting game!

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