Gavin Taylor Final Project – Updated

My final project is very much still a work or in progress. My original thought and design was something of a much more extravagant and luxurious building. With a shabby chic interior to truly sell the idea of wealth and living in a castle. The execution on my end wasn’t up to par due to unforeseen difficulties and lack of knowledge. It’s not completely unlike what I was thinking of, but everything is certainly low-poly / in a rough draft state.

I used a bed from Unity’s asset store to get at least something in the room. All the other assets I made myself. I had a different door in the beginning which resembled the idea I was going for a little more, but I figured it would be easier to make another wall and door from scratch knowing it’ll fit and the geometry would be decent. I didn’t get to any lighting or particle effects because I was behind on models. Particles aren’t difficult, but I don’t know how to implement sound quite yet.

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  1. Tom Tawadros says:

    Sound, at least in terms of music, is really simple to implement. I just added an audio node under my camera and plugged in an mp3 file. Good luck finishing this up!

  2. Joy Tartaglia says:

    I like the idea of a balcony there, and the two story building looks good too. Keep going!

  3. Olivia Bogs says:

    I spent most of my time working on the models for my level so I know how long it can take to get everything looking right and put into your scene! One thing that helped speed up my workflow was using Substance for all of my texturing rather than Photoshop, maybe this can help you!

  4. Jasmine Duerk says:

    I think it’s cool how you have two stories in your building. I totally understand the struggle of making so many assets, but they look great and cohesive so far. Keep it up!

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