Kaamil Lokhandwala Final Project – Origamice

The final project held true to the original concept of a mouse staying away from the line of sight of the cat.

The outline camera prefab pulls the aesthetic of a paper-like theme together. I changed the lighting scheme dramatically, going for a dark, ominous red and having max glow a cyan/turquoise color to contrast each other. The red lighting is baked – the directional light of the outdoors and max’s turquoise glow are real-time. I did mess around with the camera, but scripts seemed to clash with the outline camera prefab, so the camera has minimal changes, although its angle was changed so that it clips through the walls less than before. Lastly, I opened one of the doors, so that the outside of the box is accessible.


Joan Albert: audio – “Mouse Sneaking”
Charles Oliner: Outline Camera prefab and all scripts attached to it.
Brackeys: Nav-Mesh Script


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