Davina Mod Building Kit

I noticed a lot of eclectic features of Higgins house that I could incorporate into my design. The features that I noticed the most were the balcony/ bay window style moments where the building juts out on the sides. This is a detail of old architecture that I very much enjoy. Another thing that I…

Tom Tawadros – Modular Building Kit Part 1

Here are some sketches and photos from Higgins house. Only one of the sketches was done from a photo. Here are some the of the assets I’ve created so far. From the example shown in class and elsewhere I’m sure it makes more sense to create cobblestone surfaces, like the walls, from textures. Normal, height,…

Jasmine Duerk Modular Building Part 1

For this kit, I created six different all pieces, each with different variations of windows and doors. I also created a side and middle roof piece, two sizes of floors (one is 3×4 m, one is 1×1 m and tileable), four different fence pieces that can be connected in various combinations, three window variations, a…

Kaamil Lokhandwala – Model Set Part 1

My game’s theme is all paper-themed, so I had to take elements of Higgin’s House and simplify it to something that would make sense being made of paper. The curved door and windows and the lantern are inspired by Higgin’s House.

Modular Building pt.1 – Tyler Marcus

This kit was meant more for the interior heavy setting of my game. I have multiple sets of linkable walls which I duplicated with opposite pivot points for convenience reasons.

Modular Building Part 1 – Emma Lowry

For the kit, I created a Side wall, Corner Wall, and Door wall piece, along with End roof and Mid roof pieces (large and small variants), 2 sizes of simple floor tiles, a post/archway corner fixture, and a door.