Modular Building Kit Part 1 – Olivia Bogs

Plans for each of the modular pieces. 2 grid squares = 1 meter.
All pivots or in the bottom left corner for easy snapping, with the exception of the window and door. These pivots are in the center to make placement on walls easier.
The kit features 1 exterior wall, 2 exterior walls, a decorative wall beam, ceiling beam, crown molding, a door, and a window.

Details Incorporated from Higgins House

For my door, I took inspiration from the metal components of this door at Higgins House, such as the hinges and door handle.
The frame of the window was inspired by the unique shape of this window in Higgins House. I plan to incorporate the latticed window panes as well.
The decorative wall beam can be used to support the ceiling beams as well as cover any seams where walls meet.
This ceiling molding was inspired by a piece of trim around a fireplace.
This interior wall piece was inspired by the wooden paneling on this exterior wall of Higgins house.
The exterior wall pieces were the only components in this kit not directly inspired by Higgins House. Instead, I used Gołuchów Castle in Poland as a reference. Image credit:

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