3D Character Cat and Mouse

This was supposed to be my player character– but now it is just placed in the scene. Textured in substance, and modeled in zbrush. Was going to rig and attempt to animate myself but did not have time so I used Mixamo.

3D Character – Emma Lowry

I chose the 3D Artist option for this assignment, so here’s Matsuoka, an ancient warrior spirit who inhabits the environment I made. I used a mix of Maya and Zbrush

Janelle Knight – Animation

First time 3D animating… took awhile and much suffering. I still have no idea how to animate after watching tutorials, so that’s fun. I think this animation could be better but I have no idea how to make it better. The end! 😀

Kaamil Lokhandwala – Animation

For the animation section, I modeled a mouse to look like origami, basing it off of my concept for the style of the game. I created a joint system for the mouse, skinned it and created a rig and IK controls. I created some simple animations from this rig, although some of them need editing….

Tyler B Marcus – Animated Character

I spent most of the time fixing up the feet which were really whack. The arms are still very much a work in progress, but should be fixed very soon.