Final Level – Tyler Marcus

So the original concept of having a purgatory DMV is still here. It actually played more into my favor since the modular kit was made for an isometric view, but in third person this ethereal skybox view is created to really sell that they mice are between heaven and hell. I had to replace my mocap data with hand crafted animation on a new rig. The reason I used another rig was bc the control rig on Mort wasn’t frozen and I could not zero out any values, nor could I edit the rig without it totally breaking.

Unfortunately the WebGL build was giving me a tremendous amount of trouble, (WebGL link) so here’s the drive link

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  1. Tom Tawadros says:

    Nice work. I really wish the skybox would work. The one you showed in class really changes the atmosphere. Goddamn, that tail animation…its good, but it looks so wormy and gross. I think I understand why people don’t like rats.

  2. Joy Tartaglia says:

    It’s funny how the character’s animation is almost in time with the music. You animated the cartoony mice really well. They all feel like they have a lot of character. I feel like the arm swing on the animation really emphasizes it.

  3. Olivia Bogs says:

    I love the animation that plays when you approach the mouse standing in the back corner and he throws his arms up, I can see a lot of attention to detail to the 12 principles of animation in that motion because he goes forward before throwing his arms up and essentially it really sells the motion.

  4. Jasmine Duerk says:

    The NPC animations truly bring the scene to life! I also really like the particle effect you have on your hero object. It brings a lot of attention to it.

  5. Janelle Knight says:

    This was so cool! I loved the textures you used for the scenery, it really felt like a dmv and I thought the mouse animations were super cute and entertaining!

  6. Emma Lowry says:

    All the attention you gave to NPC animations and interactions really bring everything together! I love the character that the whole scene has, and it feels like a player could explore it.

  7. Kaamil Lokhandwala says:

    The combination of the graphics, (especially eyeless rats), the white skybox and the eerie music sucks the life out of me – kinda like the dmv. Perfect.

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