Joy Tartaglia – Final Project

Update at the bottom!

My scene is a medieval library with limited lighting. The only things I didn’t make were the skybox, the mouse model, and the tree textures. In my update, I also added music. The file is Call to Arms Loop by Victor Mercola.

Some of the best pieces are the second bookcase, the wall candle holder, and the mort animations. The animations came out a little odd in Unity, though.

I made a candlestick holder for the table and added small lights to all candles. I had some trouble with getting the emission to work, though.

I also added “glass” to the windows, and changed how the camera interacted with colliders. It broke somehow, though, so the camera will still go outside the walls.

I also changed the smoothness of the curtain texture so it’s not as shiny. I only just realized in hindsight that most of my screenshots are before I changed the texture.

Lastly, I added music. The file is Call to Arms Loop by Victor Mercola.

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  1. Tom Tawadros says:

    I’m happy to see you got your character moving and animating (mostly) properly. Nice job with the assets and, for god’s sake, make sure that mouse doesn’t leave it’s solid stone enclosure.

  2. Olivia Bogs says:

    Looking through your level screenshots, there’s a photo in there that I’m guessing is actually a piece of concept art. I didn’t realize this, though, until I opened the image in a new tab! Your assets and overall level really nailed your original concept to the point I almost can’t tell the two apart. Awesome job and I’m glad you were able to stay true to your original concept!

  3. Jasmine Duerk says:

    I think you were able to get very close to your original concept art! I also think the candles on the wall are a nice touch and a good way to get interior lighting.

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