Final Level – Olivia Bogs

To download a Unity executable and play the level for yourself, use this link!

My final level was able to stay pretty true to my original game concept from the beginning of the term. Everything has been scaled up (furniture, NPCs, terrain) to be larger than the FPS controller which effectively created the feeling of being a mouse in a human-sized room which I was going for. I also modeled and textured nearly everything in my scene which I am extremely proud of as it took a lot of work – there are a lot of models! For the few assets from the Unity asset store that I used to fill in the space when I ran out of time to model, I feel everything still looks cohesive and part of the same environment which is a testament to the realism and quality of my models. If I had time to develop this further I would love to implement some code so that if you get too close to the NPC you get “caught”, but I still think I was able to convey a spooky, stealth-inducing environment through the lighting and scale of the environment. I would also implement some code to allow the player to “climb” up the legs of furniture for more interactivity.

One issue I ran into was the lighting. Because everything in my scene is scaled up to be larger than the FPS controller, my lights all had a very high range and intensity. When I tried to bake the lighting it was going to take an excessive amount of time, so I had to resort to realtime lighting.

Asset credits:

Special thanks to classmate Jasmine Duerk for use of her candle stick model and textures! You can check it out here:

NPC character model and rig: AZRI rig –

Other assets (from Unity asset store):

Rug: Free Rug Pack by Azerilo

Sofa, chair, and marble table: Antique Living Room Set by Pixelwhat

Round side table and fruit bowl: Table with chairs x3 Free by 3DIZ-ART

Cabinet: Old Cabinet by IL Ranch

Wood floor texture: Wooden Floor Materials by Casual 2D

Nighttime skybox: Skybox Series Free by Avionx

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  1. Tom Tawadros says:

    I was really impressed to see your final level. Everything comes together really nicely, the texture work especially makes the meshes believable, even with the player character at such a small scale.

    1. Olivia Bogs says:

      Thanks Tom! Glad to hear all the work on texturing and modeling paid off!

  2. Joy Tartaglia says:

    I love the interior design and all its furniture. It feels like a complete scene in a game with lots to explore.

    1. Olivia Bogs says:

      Thank you Joy!

  3. Jasmine Duerk says:

    All of the textures on your models are super intricate and well done. Also, even though the lighting is dark, I think it works well for the stealth gameplay you were going for.

  4. Janelle Knight says:

    I loved this! The details are gorgeous, and I really wish there was a little more lighting to show the details more, but since it take s place at night, that probably would defeat the aspect of “hide-and-seek” but overall super beautiful!!

  5. Kaamil Lokhandwala says:

    Yeah, as everyone else is saying the attention to details are awesome. Well rendered environment. Not many of us dared to mess with metallic textures in Unity. Good on you for taking it on and succeeding!

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