3D Character Cat and Mouse

This was supposed to be my player character– but now it is just placed in the scene. Textured in substance, and modeled in zbrush. Was going to rig and attempt to animate myself but did not have time so I used Mixamo.

Cat and Mouse Final Build

For whatever reason my game wont embed so here is the link: http://users.wpi.edu/~smlove/Cat_and_Mouse_Prealpha/index.html If I use the code given it embeds a Youtube video about phone cases which I assure you is definitely not my game. Final Game. Skybox is from the Unity Asset store. Unfortunately animations were uncooperative so the player was switched to…

Cat and Mouse Detailed Object

My object will be inspired by the three above objects (daggers and mini sculpture). The fancy “stand” that the dagger will be suspended from will be inspired by the sculpture, and the dagger itself will take pieces from both daggers.

Game Concept: Cat and Mouse

Concept Explained The player’s objectives are to hide from the cat in a game of ‘cat and mouse.’ The player, playing as little Francis, must collect food and water in order to survive, all while searching for the sword and horn of legend in order to be rid of the cat in the castle: Max…

Sarah Love’s Portfolio

High Poly 3d Model Toothless the dragon from HHTYD 2D Animation Digital Painting Environmental Model My full portfolio can be found here: www.smldigitaldesign.com