Emma Lowry Final Project

The goal of this project was to create a game environment that incorporated feudal Japanese and medieval European styles and had a strong visual identity. While working on this project, I modeled and hand-painted a modular set for buildings, sculpted and textured (both hand-painted and Substance) a high poly character, optimized him, and put him…

3D Character – Emma Lowry

I chose the 3D Artist option for this assignment, so here’s Matsuoka, an ancient warrior spirit who inhabits the environment I made. I used a mix of Maya and Zbrush

Setting the Stage – Emma Lowry

Some “clutter” objects I’m working on! Because my level takes place outdoors, moving through the different courtyards of a Japanese castle, I’m making the assets required for adding gardens, etc. Planning on creating some weaponry assets as well, and a tattered banner or two. I’ll update this post as I finish more stuff.

Preproduction key object Emma Lowry

The object I chose was from the WAM online archives. I did a couple sketches to test different schemes. While I’m sticking to some major components of the helmet’s design, I’m tweaking certain details. After sketching, I did a really rough blocking out in maya. Definitely need to tweak some proportions before adding detail pieces.

Revised Modular Kit

For my revision, I’m adding more pieces to the kit. I added an interior floor tile and an extra wall fixture/support thing that can decorate the exterior a little more. I also want to create textures that make the interior nicer, and maybe add interior columns, beams, and paper walls.

Modular Building Project – Emma Lowry

I hope to continue adding to this throughout the term – I wanna make a roof color variant, window pane variants, and extra exterior pieces/environment bits so that I can use this kit for my level. Thanks for taking a look!

Modular Building Part 1 – Emma Lowry

For the kit, I created a Side wall, Corner Wall, and Door wall piece, along with End roof and Mid roof pieces (large and small variants), 2 sizes of simple floor tiles, a post/archway corner fixture, and a door.

Emma Lowry Game Concept

My idea for a game adaptation of Loretta Krupinski‚Äôs The Royal Mice is a puzzle-based RPG set in a fantastical, ancient world that draws elements from feudal Japan. An old and powerful feline evil returns and besets a once prosperous mouse society, stirring up chaos and destruction. The game follows the story of Cadbury as…

Emma Lowry Portfolio

Full Portfolio: https://emmalowry.myportfolio.com/ Contact: eelowry@wpi.edu High Poly 3D Sculpt 3D Low Poly Sculpt Digital painting Drawing Animation Games Other!