Revised Modular Kit

For my revision, I’m adding more pieces to the kit. I added an interior floor tile and an extra wall fixture/support thing that can decorate the exterior a little more. I also want to create textures that make the interior nicer, and maybe add interior columns, beams, and paper walls.

Revised Modular Building Kit

I didn’t change much for my revised building kit, but I did remember that buildings tend to have roofs (rooves?).

Revised Modular Kit – Tyler B Marcus

Not much was changed in Maya for my Modular kit. Most of the focus and effort was in Unity. I changed the wall colors to a deeper blue and removed global illumination and ambient lights to allow my lighting to stand out more. The lights in the scenes have a warmer moodier tone to them.

Modular Update – Gavin Taylor

I was able to get a few assets redone entirely. I found some free tile textures that I think worked well. I threw out the idea of making blocks as building bases so I stuck with walls that I believe would be work better for making the base from scratch. Adding the fence was also…

Joy Tartaglia – Revised Modular Building Kit

I added a few new textures and fixed the normal maps on every material so it looks prettier. I decided to focus on making a library and start thinking about an atmosphere that can be described as both cold and cozy. Future plans include additional furniture, a fireplace, and maybe a chandelier or a simple…

Kaamil Lokhandwala – Modular Building Kit Revision

To revise my kit, I edited the table and the shelf to have sharper edges and made a folded over paper. I also added an intense height and normal map to the columns to simulate more geometry. I also messed with lighting a little to see what the scene would look like at night, and…

Modular Building Kit

Library Building Kit Updated Textures: First Draft: Note: Book Textures/Covers are WIP