Revised Modular Kit – Olivia Bogs

The main area for improvement in my kit was this carving detail on the wall pillar. Many people suggested I change the texture from plain wood to something that would highlight the detail a little more, so I decided to add a gold accent.
My grayboxed level design, with certain components replaced with models from my modular kit (walls, door, windows, ceiling beams, and molding).
As you can see, the scale of my initial level design is slightly larger than the scale of my modular kit. Going forward, the additional models I plan to create will be built to the scale of the pieces from the modular kit so eventually the whole room will be the same scale.

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  1. Emma Lowry says:

    Love the accent that you added to the ornate pillar! It really brings out the detail

  2. Tom Towadros says:

    Nice work. I like the white (gray in this case) boxing you did for the furniture. Always a good idea to get a feel for the space before actually modeling everything.

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