Modular Building Project – Emma Lowry

I hope to continue adding to this throughout the term – I wanna make a roof color variant, window pane variants, and extra exterior pieces/environment bits so that I can use this kit for my level. Thanks for taking a look!

Jasmine Duerk Modular Build Kit

The shingles texture is a modified version of this image.The gray wood texture for the borders of the windows and door are a modified version of this image.

Modular Building Kit

Library Building Kit Updated Textures: First Draft: Note: Book Textures/Covers are WIP

Modular Building Kit Project – Olivia Bogs

Texture Credits

Modular Kit

I had trouble getting my material to show properly on my model. It’s started going transparent, and when I put my door or window in front of it, they almost disappear. I wish I had a better workflow, that I would have been able to create more. For the test scenes I didn’t want to…