Jasmine Duerk Final Project

Unfortunately, my WebGL build was not working (I had a host of bizarre Unity errors throughout the project so I’m not sure if they were related) so here is a build on drive. (Download the entire folder.) I think I was actually able to get pretty close to my original concept. Most of the witch…

Jasmine Duerk Setting the Stage

I started working on props that will be inside the witch hut. The cabinets in the table can open and close. They still need to be textured. I also plan to add bowls and cups on the tables, as well as various other objects scattered around the room and on the shelf.

Jasmine Duerk Modular Build Kit

The shingles texture is a modified version of this image.The gray wood texture for the borders of the windows and door are a modified version of this image.

Jasmine Duerk Modular Building Part 1

For this kit, I created six different all pieces, each with different variations of windows and doors. I also created a side and middle roof piece, two sizes of floors (one is 3×4 m, one is 1×1 m and tileable), four different fence pieces that can be connected in various combinations, three window variations, a…

Jasmine Duerk Game Proposal

Player Objectives Max the Magnificent is a black cat and the beloved pet of the witch that lives in the same hut as a family of mice. The player must go on a quest to defeat the Max the Magnificent, and force him to leave the hut. The player finds the sword and the horn,…

Jasmine Duerk Portfolio

High Poly 3D Sculpt (ZBrush) Low Poly 3D Model (Maya etc.) Digital Painting Drawing Games Sliptime Sleuth is an isometric, time-traveling puzzle game I am working on with Sunburst Studio.